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Now is a great time to build Webflow apps | Tom Elliot from fluidSEO

Tom Elliot is the founder of fluidSEO, an SEO focused Webflow app. He’s been one of the first to publish apps in the Webflow marketplace. Having transitioned to Webflow from the hardware space, he’s been an active member of the community and a great person to talk to about SEO and all things Webflow.

+ Tom shares a special offer for the Flowletter audience to get fluidSEO for 1 month free.

Today, we talk about:

  • What’s new with fluidSEO,

  • What’s coming down the pike,

  • The most common SEO mistakes Webflow devs make,

  • The state of SEO and where’s it’s headed,

  • And building apps in the Webflow marketplace.

Some takeaways:

  • fluidSEO can help you expand your freelance business by providing ongoing SEO services to clients and creating retainer opportunities.

  • While fluidSEO uses AI, Tom emphasized they don't want to market it as an "AI company." The focus is on providing value to customers by helping them do their SEO work faster and offer more to their own clients.

  • fluidSEO has been one of the top apps in the Webflow marketplace in terms of users and installations, showing strong adoption since the marketplace launched 8 months ago.

  • Building apps for the Webflow marketplace had some early challenges as the platform matured, but Tom thinks now is a great time for developers to build Webflow apps as many of the initial kinks have been worked out.

  • Despite statements that "SEO is dead," Tom believes SEO fundamentals remain important even as the landscape evolves. Developers should focus on established best practices over chasing the latest "hot take" from influencers.

  • For learning SEO, Tom recommends trusted resources like SEMrush Academy, Ahrefs, and Neil Patel's content. And now Tom also plans to publish Webflow-specific SEO guides soon.

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